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Sweden is the country we travel to the most

Syd-Koster in SwedenSyd-Koster in Sweden.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix


Norwegians have taken nearly 6.2 million trips so far this year, and Sweden is the country we travel to the most showed figures from a travel survey.


Of the countries we travel to the most, Sweden is most often visited by Norwegians. In second place comes Spain. The United Kingdom comes third, showed figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).

We travel more on domestic trips than abroad. Of all trips, 4.4 million are in Norway, compared to 1.76 million international trips. In total, there were almost 6.2 million journeys travelled showed figures from Q1 2018.

There is also a slight difference between the sexes. 1.4 million men were travelling, against 1.3 million women.

Of the means of transport used during travel, the car is the favourite. We used private and rented vehicles 3.4 million times. Secondly, we used aircraft, followed by rail.

In total, we spent almost NOK 35 billion on travel.

© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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