Sweden tightens border controls

Swedish flagSwedish flag.Photo:Pixabay

Sweden tightened border controls among Schengen countries at a number of ports and airports.


Norwegian travellers should remember passports if their holiday takes them to our neighbouring country.

The sharper controls, which apply from Monday, includes the Stockholm Airports Bromma and Arlanda, Landvetter Airport at Gothenburg, Skavsta Airport in Nyköping and Malmö Airport.

A number of Sweden’s ports are also included in the intensified border controls, including all the ports in the Stockholm area, announced Swedish police on Friday.

Sweden introduced internal border controls for individual occupants by 2015. These controls,including car and rail traffic across the Øresund Bridge, and ferry traffic to the ports of Malmö,Trelleborg, Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Varberg, continue to apply.

The background for the tightening of border controls is that Swedish authorities consider the threat situation as amended.

“When Sweden reintroduced border control in the autumn of 2015, the situation was different,with a significant flow of immigrants primarily via the Øresund Bridge and ferry traffic in southern Sweden. The assessment now is that the threat looks different than before,” said Patrik Engström,Head of the National Frontier Police Department in the Swedish Police National Operational Department, Noa.

The police encouraged anyone who is traveling to Sweden to bring a passport or national ID card even if they come from a Schengen country.

The first round of the intensified border control lasts until November 11, 2018.

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