The contagion situation is crucial to open for foreign travel

r Oslo AirportAvinor Oslo Airport. (Photo: Avinor Oslo airport/Espen Solli)


The contagion situation in other countries and epidemiological data is crucial when the health authorities give their assessment to the government about traveling abroad.

“A basic principle is that if there is as little contagion in the countries we have contact as it does with ourselves, the risk is basically much less,” Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad said at the press conference on the Coronavirus situation on Wednesday.

He also said that this is being discussed in Europe now, where the infection situation varies greatly from country to country. From countries with a high spread of infection to countries such as Norway and Iceland, where very few new cases of infection have been registered in recent weeks.

– This is very different. We must come to good advice, but it is the politicians who decide.

Subject Director, Line Vold from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health states that Norwegian health authorities have good cooperation with Nordic and European countries and that it is the contagion situation that determines whether one can ease travel restrictions.

– “In some countries, measures have also been introduced that make it logistically difficult to move in the country,” says Vold.

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