The government is considering covering canceled flights

NorwegianNorwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

The government is considering measures if consumers do not recover money in case of bankruptcy of charter companies.

The charter companies these days have to start paying what customers for canceled trips, and it is expected that more players will soon go bankrupt, writes Dagens Næringsliv. But the Travel Guarantee Fund may not cover consumer claims in bankruptcy.

Therefore, the government will consider paying those canceled trips if many travellers are not able to recover their claims in the event of the package tour operator’s bankruptcy, Business Minister Iselin Nybø (V) told the newspaper.

– “However, many consumers will be able to get their money back in other ways. Some risk falling outside these schemes, but we do not yet know how many these are,” says Nybø.

Norwegian consumers may have over NOK 3 billion outstanding for canceled travel with the charter companies, according to a calculation made by the main organization Virke. This applies to journeys canceled during the period from when the Coronavirus crisis struck in March through August 20.

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