The mid-seat requirement for aircraft is reassessed

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The health authorities will look at the aviation guidelines where, among other things, it is required that there is one empty seat between air passengers who do not belong to the same household.

Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide (KrF) points out that Norway was early with a guidance for infection control in aviation, and tells Bergens Tidende that he believes this was important for it to be safe to fly.

“This summer many will vacation in their own country, and then we need good and safe flight guidelines. The health authorities, who have the subject expertise, are now looking at the guidelines and are considering harmonization with EASA. In that case, we will return to measures resulting from possible harmonization,” he says.

Since April 28, the requirement from the Norwegian authorities has been that there should be one empty seat between air passengers who do not belong to the same household.

Recently, the United Nations Aviation Organization ICAO issued its guidelines to limit the spread of infection on board aircraft. Empty center seats are not part of their recommendation.

Aviation expert and associate professor Espen Andersen at BI Norwegian Business School fears for the airlines and whether the special Norwegian center seat blocking will continue.

“When they complain about their distress and say that it is not possible to operate commercial air traffic, they are 100 per cent right. It’s not whining, that’s how it is. If we look at it in the short term, then it is quite a disaster,” he tells NRK.

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