The Telemark Canal – a historical journey

The Telemark CanalThe Telemark Canal.Photo:

The Telemark Canal: Welcome to a historical journey

The Telemark Canal is the only canal system in Norway connected to the sea.


18 lock levels divided over 8 lock systems lift boats 72 metres above sea level to the lake of Flåvatn.

From here beautiful lake and river reaches take the traveller on to Dalen, 105 km inland, in the heart of the mountains of southern Norway.

The contrast between the broad agricultural districts, the wilderness and the old industrial sites makes the Telemark Canal one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.

Clean water

In addition, the water is clean and the fish live well!
The Telemark Canal was completed in 1892. 500 men worked for 5 years to bring this waterway into the heart of Telemark.

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