The travel industry is calling for clearer guidelines for the Norwegian summer holiday

Smørstabbtindan in the Leirdalen in Jotunheimen.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The government is asking Norwegians to take a holiday in Norway this year. At the same time, the official advice is to cut leisure trips and to avoid round trips. The travel industry is frustrated.

Several tourism operators say to Aftenposten that it is difficult to relate to what is referred to as dual communication. They are calling for clarification.

– “People are ready and want to book, but we cannot accept bookings when we do not know if the tour can be completed,” says Anniken Aakvik in the tour company Offbeat Adventure in Sunnmøre.

A recent survey by Opinion shows that 86 percent of those surveyed assume that this year’s holiday will be spent in Norway.

Innovation Norway has set aside NOK 8 million to turn the marketing of Norway towards the domestic market.

– “The situation is difficult for the industry. We therefore hope for a quick clarification,” says Tourism Director Bente Bratland Holm in Innovation Norway.

Health Minister Bent Høie (H) said before the weekend that advice on leisure travel can change before summer.

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2 Comments on "The travel industry is calling for clearer guidelines for the Norwegian summer holiday"

  1. Pamela Turley | 29. April 2020 at 08:49 | Reply

    We are due to cruise to norway from uk 26 may for holiday .please can you say if you are accepting tourists and is it safe. We are tracking on Columbus ship from tilbury uk . We have been told the boat is still operating .but we have not had confirmation thank you .mrs Turley

  2. TOBY STRACHAN | 30. April 2020 at 10:56 | Reply

    unlikely as Norway is quarantining those who arrive in Norway for 2 weeks

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