Three out of ten will spend less money on summer holidays

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As many as every three Norwegians plan to spend less money this year’s summer holiday than last year.

This is the result of a nationwide survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of Bank2.

30 percent say they plan to spend less money this year’s summer holiday, while 13 percent answer the opposite. 45 percent think to spend as much. The remaining 13 percent respond “don’t know”.

“The Norwegian economy is still doing well, but people are starting to see that the interest rate level is on the rise. For many Norwegians, this means a considerably tighter budget than before,” says CEO Frode Ekeli in Bank2.

At the same time, three out of four say that they do not plan to pay extra on their debt when the holiday pay comes. 73 percent feel they can afford to go on holiday this summer.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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