Tonight many will sleep outside in the nature

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Many will go to bed outside on Saturday night. With that the event “Night in the Nature” takes place.

This summer, many have been on vacation within Norway and many have slept outside in tents or hammocks.

Saturday is “Night in the Nature”. It is an event that is about spending the night outside. This weekend it has also been announced that the autumn is underway. This means that people have to dress according to how cold it is outside. You may want to take a closer look at the weather forecast.

It can also rain in many places in Norway. Then it is important to have a tent or canvas that can hang over the hammock. You may also want to include a change of clothes. It can be difficult to sleep well in the sleeping bag if you are both wet and cold.

“There’s something magical about it. Everyone is under the same sky. Both one who is lying in a hammock in the forest in Alta, one who is camping in his garden in Mandal and a third is sleeping in Oslomarka”, says Lasse Heimdal. He is general secretary of the joint organization Norsk Friluftsliv. They are a joint organization for 18 different outdoor life organizations with over 950,000 members.

As many as 1.5 million Norwegians may have slept outside this summer, according to a survey from IPSOS. 34 percent say they have slept either in tents, in hammocks and in the open air this year.

This means that Norsk Friluftsliv has a hope that more people will participate this year than last year. Last year, almost 100,000 people slept outside.

“For many, it has become a tradition to participate every year. So this is a night many have a connection with. This summer, even more people have opened their eyes to spend the night outside”, says Lasse Heimdal. He expects that many will participate after first having tried to sleep outside earlier this summer.

Night to Sunday is also the start of Outdoor Life Week. It is a week with over 900 events across the country. They are all about the outdoors, and many of them are free.

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