Top 10 Countries for a Sunny Escape

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Top 10 Countries for a Sunny Escape

Great weather and varied leisure options keep expats satisfied with their life abroad. Here is the list of where to go for a Sunny Escape from the dreary weather at home.


  • Greece, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, Uganda, South Africa, Malta, Mexico, Cyprus and Kenya are the countries with the best weather, according to more than 90 percent of expats living there.
  • Up to 89 percent of expats in the top 10 destinations with the best weather are happy with their life in general, compared to 78 per cent globally.
  • Expats in Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica and Malta are particularly fond of available leisure activities.

Munich, May 3rd, 2018 — Expats living in the top 10 countries ideal for a sunny escape moved there for many different reasons: in the majority of these destinations, the search for a better quality of life was named as the top reason, while expats in others moved primarily for love, for their partner’s job or education, or because they were sent abroad by their employer.

There is however one thing that all ten countries have in common: at least three-quarters considered the climate and weather to be a potential benefit prior to moving, it seems like they were not disappointed, as the latest Expat Insider survey reveals. Based on the insights of close to 13,000 expats from 188 countries and territories in the annual survey, InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad, compiled a so-far unpublished ranking of the destinations with the best weather around the world, according to expats.

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