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‘Top Ten’ 2018 Easter Destinations

Destinations'Top Ten' 2018 Easter Destinations.Photo: Norwegian

Easter Spring-Break Vacation! To some Norwegians, Easter vacation isn’t about ski trips to Norway’s mountains; it’s an opportunity to travel far-away cities and visit warm, sunny climes.


New Easter vacation polling spotlights Copenhagen & London as topping Norway’s list of ‘Top Ten’ foreign travel destinations, with 2 American cities also making this year’s top travel list.

While many Norwegians see Copenhagen, London, Berlin & Stockholm as popular Easter vacation spots, many more will use Easter as opportunity to travel other continents. The American cities of Fort Lauderdale in Florida & Los Angeles in California beckon enticingly to Norway’s sun worshipers.

Speaking of sunshine, Norway’s long, cold winter will push many to travel south this Easter towards the Sun and as usual, Spain is a favorite.The Spanish ports of Malaga, Alicante & Barcelona will welcome Norwegians this year who seek Spain’s beauty & warmth.

Norway’s Easter break generates heavy domestic air travel, too, with Oslo,Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger being particularly popular air destinations.

2018 ‘Top Ten’ Norwegian Easter foreign travel destinations:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. London, England
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Stockholm, Sweden
5. Fort Lauderdale, USA
6. Malaga, Spain
7. Los Angeles, USA
8. Alicante, Spain
9. Barcelona, Spain
10. Budapest, Hungary


Source: Norwegian / Norway Today

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