Minister of Culture with thumbs up for Tour de France

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Minister of Culture with thumbs up for the Norwegian Tour de France plans

Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland (Conservatives) is thrilled with the initiative to get opening stages in Tour de France to Norway in the coming years.


According to VG, there is, among others, the environment surrounding the Arctic Race of Norway that is working on getting a Tour start on Norwegian soil. The Northern bike rice is owned by ASO, which also owns the Tour de France.

This is great news for cycling. If this becomes a reality, we get the opportunity to showcase the biking society, which holds a high level in Norway. But equally important is the opportunity to show Norway from its very best side; says Helleland to VG and adds:

Even though the riders do not have time to enjoy our exceptional nature, it will appear on the TV screens of millions of people. That way, we promote Norway to tourists.


On Twitter, the Minister of Culture follows up by writing “Exciting news that it work is in progress to get Tour de France to Norway. Magic if it becomes reality».

VG finds that there has been dialogue with some key cities in Eastern Norway about stages in the world’s largest cycle race.

This year, the German city of Düsseldorf, was the starting city of the Tour de France. They had to put NOK 117 million on the table (49 million from the city and 68 million from sponsors).

Gives a lot in return

The Minister of Culture acknowledges that it is a lot of money, but points to the positive sides of attracting the Tour de France circus to Norway.

Such arrangements provide a lot of return in the form of, among other things, workplaces. As sports minister, I am concerned that we will have as many cultural and sporting events as possible in Norway. I think the effects are great beyond the experience itself, says Helleland, who herself currently is in France.

According to VG, she will follow Sunday’s mountain stage by sitting in a supporting car.


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