Tourist Association: – Mountain tours are more popular than ever

Mountain in NorwayMountain in Norway.Photo

The Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) are expiring growth in both cabin overnights and number of members.

The Number of cabin lodging in DNTs cabins in 2015 was 409,710. Last year the figure was increased to 442,913, an increase of 8 percent, according to the Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT).

– This is an absolutely stunning increase and shows that hiking is more popular than ever. We travel to the mountains for both activity and relaxation, and that the Norwegian mountain has something for everyone.

From the adrenaline seeking mountain man, to the cabin tourists, to beginners who need little introduction and facilitation, everyone can find something for themselves, says Nils Øveraas, Secretary General of DNT.

The number of DNT members has increased from 270,250 to 290,790 during the same period. This is an increase of 7.6 percent, which is the best percentage annual increase DNT history.

– In the mountains, one is partially offline. Nature, silence and surroundings providing peace and positive energy, a valuable contrast to  the everyday life, says Øveraas.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today