Travel Agencies think airlines should be more considerate towards women

TravellingTravelling. Photo: Norway Today Media

The travel agent Berg-Hansen encourages airlines to comply with the priorities female passengers express, such as increased baggage allowance.

– The airlines that comply with women’s service requirements will also be those who run out as winners of tomorrow’s struggle for market share, Communications Director for Berg-Hansen, Anette Maltun Koefoed, told Aftenposten.

A survey of 20,000 of the company’s customers shows that women want environmentally friendly alternatives, healthier food and increased baggage allowance. Men are more concerned about access to the lounge and acquiring bonus points.

– I can not believe they dare take so little regard to the wishes of its dominant customer group, says Maltun Koefoed, who believes that they who win the women wins the whole family. She believes airplanes and airports are primarily intended to cover “man needs”.

Communications Manager of SAS, Fredrik Henriksson, says the company has no plans to differentiate passenger conditions based on sex.

– We naturally gather much information through our ongoing customer surveys, but do not build our service to customers based on which gender they belong to, but on the basis of the needs you have in connection with the trip, says Henriksson.

He said the company has made changes in luggage allowance and food choice based of such surveys.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today