Travel insurance possible even if you defy the Foreign Ministry’s advice

Tenerife, Spain. The beach of Los CristianosTenerife, Spain. The beach of Los Cristianos.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix


Several large insurance companies are u-turning and will offer travel insurance to those who defy the Foreign Ministry’s advice to avoid travelling due to the Coronavirus.

Eika, Fremtind, Frende and Gjensidige have all confirmed that customers will now be able to get travel insurance, even if they travelled outside the Nordic countries, reports NRK.

“We cannot judge others. If you are in Germany and your camera or mobile phone is stolen, why shouldn’t we help?” said Bjarne Aani Rysstad, communications manager at Gjensidige.

The insurance will not apply to coronavirus related cases, although it is currently unclear what the insurers mean by this.

“I have no doubt that difficult cases will come. Somewhere we have to set a boundary, but here we have to do as in other matters and consider each case individually,” explained Rysstad.

Tryg and Europeiske Reiseforsikring have said that their policy for their travel insurance remains.

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