Trollpikken guaranteed erected before the fall

Troll's Dick TrollpikkenThe stone formation Trollpikken in Rogaland so it looked in all its splendor before it was discovered that it had cracked.Photo: Ingve Aalbu / NTB scanpix

Trollpikken (The Troll’s Dick) guaranteed re-erected before the fall

The entrepreneur company Bertelsen and Garpestad can not promise that Trollpikken is in place before the holiday, but guarantees that it will be before this autumn.


– Usually we blow up and remove stone. This time we will do the opposite. We will probably make a big frame in steel and place it on top of the mountain. Then we have to drill a few holes in Trollpikken to fix the straps, says Øyvind Langmyr, Managing Director of Bertelsen and Garpestad to Stavevanger Aftenblad.

Monday’s exploration, including among others, Eigersund’s Mayor, Odd Stangeland, confirmed that this is something that is possible to achieve.

Giant erection

Kjetil Bentsen, who has taken the initiative for a fundraising campaign to finance the repairs, is also fast approaching the goal of the collection effort. At 4 pm on Tuesday, 96 percent of the target of NOK 200,000 was reached, according to the collection page

The hope has been that the rock will have the potential to become an attraction at the height of the Preikestolen and Trolltunga, but on Saturday morning hikers discovered that the landmark was broken. Drill marks have been found in the rock, and everything therefore indicate that it is a case of vandalism. Several tips about who are responsible has been received

– When everything is in place, we will smear it with sheep droppings. That will initiate a chemical reaction that makes the fractures in the surfaces almost invisible, says Langmyr.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today