Trollpikken has been re-erected

Troll's Dick TrollpikkenThe stone formation Trollpikken in Rogaland so it looked in all its splendor before it was discovered that it had cracked.Photo: Ingve Aalbu / NTB scanpix

Trollpikken has been re-erected

The much talked about rock formation Trollpikken in Egersund is now re-erected in all its splendour. Only safeguarding and cleanup remain.


Just before 5 pm on Friday, Trollpikken was erected in the right position, according to VG.

– It’s in place. Job done, says Sverre Garpestad, chairman of Bertelsen and Garpestad, who performs the work.

Hikers discovered in June that the tourist attraction was down. According to the police, it is a case of vandalism and boreholes were discovered in the rock formation.

Garpestad is relieved that the re-erection has been completed.

– We have had a small ceremony now, before we finish, we have copious amounts of champagne and will celebrate tonight, he says.

Longer than planned

Iron wedges will later be attached to the stone. These will be placed in holes drilled in the rock – before glue and cement will ensure that everything stays in place. After that, the formation must be left in peace to get properly re-attached. Trollpikken will therefore not be ready for visitors for about a week.

Efforts to rebuild the famous rock formation in Egersund started Friday at 7:30 am. The plan was to complete the work by lunchtime on Friday, but things took somewhat longer than planned.

The stone formation has received an enormous amount of attention after it was Bobitted, and several media broadcast directly from the re-erection.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today