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Trouble for Dubrovnik passengers

Dubrovnik Flesland, Norwegian AirlinesThe Dubrovnik plane from Flesland circled for about two hours before heading for Gardermoen. Photo: facsimile


Trouble for Dubrovnik passengers from Bergen

The return from Dubrovnik to Bergen is also affected by the delay.


Norwegians departure from Bergen to Dubrovnik at 16.45 did not go as planned. The machine came no further than the Bokna fjord before it made a turn and began to circle west of Bergen.

Technical fault

The reason is that a technical fault was detected on the aircraft, which must therefore land for control. It is announcing press contact Daniel Kirchhoff in Norwegian.
Before the plane can land, the plane has to circle to burn fuel, as the procedure is. At 19.30 the machine broke out of the waiting pattern and headed east towards Gardermoen.

Seriously delayed DY 1916 was supposed to land in Dubrovnik at 8 pm. Instead, it took a detour via Gardermoen and arrived in Dubrovnik just after midnight.

The delay also affects the return flight, DY 1917, which was supposed to take off in the direction of Flesland at 20.35. The departure is postponed at 00.55, which means that the Croatian tourists do not get home until four am at the night.

Norwegian has not been able to answer what kind of technical error is in question.


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