Two out of ten will fly less to the benefit the climate


Two out of ten will fly less to the benefit the climate

Only 22 perc ent of Norwegians are willing to fly less to save the environment. Many feel they have a “right” to fly, says researcher.


Western Norwegians and Oslo dwellers are the most willing to reduce flights in favor of the climate, if we are to believe a survey conducted by Norstat for the newspaper Vårt Land.

It also appears that women are more willing than men, and that younger people are more willing to fly less than older. Voters from the MDG, SV and the Liberals also rank high, while the Progress Party’s voters are the least interested in changing their flying habits.

Researcher at Cicero Center for Climate Research in Oslo, Marianne Aasen, says the figures match well with other surveys.

– A study by colleagues of mine shows that many people think that choosing a way to vacation almost as a human right, something that people deserve, something that is going to be special and which will be set up for no other purpose than what they want to do, she says.

According to Statistics Norway (SSB), the number of flights to and from Norwegian airports has increased by 10 per cent since 2012.

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