USA tightens rules for hand luggage

hand luggageHand luggage.Photo: Morten Holm / SCANPIX

This weekend, there will be more stringent hand luggage rules for travelers to the United States. Travelers will be checked on departure from Norway.

The amount of makeup and other powder items must be checked before it is taken as hand luggage, writes flysmart24no.

US authorities require that those who bring powder over a certain amount send this in checked baggage. If the powder is taken in the hand luggage, the passenger will be refused to take it on board the aircraft.

– It is true that, at the end of June-July, further measures will be introduced on flights to the United States. Briefly, there are restrictions on powders in excess of 350 milliliters in hand luggage. This corresponds to the contents of a cola can, says Jørgen Ingebrigtsen, Head of Safety Section of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The USA requires these additional measures for all direct flights to the United States. In other words, on SAS’s departures to New York, and Norwegians departures to different locations in the United States.

Also those who have powders below the specified amount must expect to be asked questions about it. The exceptions are breast milk replacement and prescription medication, which may be in the hand luggage even if the amount exceeds 350 milliliters.

US security authorities believe the powder can harm or annoy other travelers and staff on board. A similar rule has already been introduced on American domestic aviation.


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