Vacations with a low climate impact are more designed among Norwegians


More and more Norwegians appreciate hiking in the mountains. Simple conditions, low climate footprint and freedom from their mobiles are some of the reasons.

Interest in more environmentally friendly holiday forms is growing. This is the experience of the Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT). This applies, for example, to destinations you can reach by public transport, and trips to self- and self-catering cottages, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Small climate imprint

– “The strong growth in long trips such as “Norway across” in Sylan and cabin-to-cabin trips in the Etne Mountains testify that more people are aware of their imprint. At the same time, surveys show that after a night in a simple tourist lodge, the greenhouse gas emissions are half of the footprint left after one night in one’s own home. This shows that spending holidays, leisure time and weekends in our own country means something for the impression we make,” says DNT secretary general Dag Terje Klarp Solvang in a press release.

He believes that one of the best things we can all do on our way to a low-emission society is to run a close outdoor life where time is spent on the trip itself and not the journey to and from.

Therefore, in 2020, DNT believes that we will see that even more people will apply for self- and un-serviced cabins where you can relax and drop both mobile coverage and neighbors. The fact that interest in outdoor life is great also shows a recent survey conducted by Opinion on behalf of DNT.

Strong position
In the survey, 59 percent stated that they would like to spend more of their time on outdoor activities in 2020. In comparison, 56 percent want to exercise more and 54 percent go abroad.

– “This tells us that outdoor life retains its strong position in Norway. Many people see the opportunities that exist just outside the front door, and it is precisely the simplicity that is attracting more and more. Reactions to the digital community are beginning to increase, and the dream of disconnecting is becoming stronger,” says Klarp Solvang.

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