Wanna hike on top of the world?

Wanna hike on top of the world?.Photo: visithammerfest.net

Explore the Hammerfest area, with hikes to Mount TyvenMount Storfjellet or around the Gammelveien trail. Discover the fishing village Forsøl and her gorgeous beaches at Kirkegårdsbuktand Ytre Forsøl

On Sørøya, you can hike to the Gamvik farm, descend the sandy Mount Sandfjellet, reach the stone tower Kjøttviksvarden or go all the way to the Northern tip, Tarhalsen.

Seiland offers the idyllic villages of Hønseby and Kårhamn. From there, you can trek southwards, where a vast national park with glaciers, valleys and fjords awaits you.

Kvalsund is on the mainland just south of Hammerfest. From the centre of the village you can easily hike to the majestic views from the top of Mount Handelstinden. Or discover Neverfjord and the hiking trails from there.

Please find some of our recommended hikes in the area below. If you want to go the proverbial step further, there are routes that will take several days to complete.Read more about Wanna hike on top of the world?

Source: visithammerfest.net / Norway Today