A to Z reasons to visit Stavanger in the summer

Stavanger Harbour Town squareView of Stavanger Harbour. Photo: Norway Today Media

29 good reasons to visit Stavanger in the summer – After all we do have 3 more letters in the alphabet!

Stavanger is perhaps best known for oil, Preikestolen and Alexander Kielland. But what else does the city have to offer? We have gone through the entire (Norwegian!) alphabet and give you the best tips for the city and region – from A to Å! Admittedly you are to late to attend some of these attractions this year, but rest assured, they will reappear around the same dates next year!


A: Altibox Norway Chess. Altibox Norway Chess has become one of the world’s strongest chess tournaments in just a few years. Together with 10 of the worlds best chess players, Norway’s own world champion Magnus Carlsen is also participating.

B: Badedammen (the Bathing pond). The city’s oldest bathing place and still a popular seaside resort.

The Badedammen contains a small sandy beach, two piers, a roller coaster and permanent barbecue. Badedammen contains pumped in sea water.

Cruise, Oil Rig & Pleasure, Stavanger Harbour

Cruise, Oil Rig & Pleasure, Stavanger Harbour in short. Photo: Norway Today Media

C: Cruise. Throughout the summer there is a twice-daily fjord cruise in Lysefjorden, where you get spectacular views of the Preikestolen (Pulpit rock). The Lysefjord offers waterfalls, idyllic islets and magnificent scenery, and the cruise takes about three hours.

D: Dragon Festival (Kite festival). There is a festival for everything – also for Kiting. June 10th you can start by making your own kite at Sola Kulturhus, and the day after it is ready for a flight on Hellestøstranden. During the Dragon party, kiters gather from all over the world, together with children and adults of all ages.

E: European Capital of Culture. In 2008, the Stavanger region could adorn itself with the title of European Capital of Culture. Today there is a vibrant cultural offer that moves in the region, from small exhibitions to major stadium concerts.

F: Flor & Fjære (Ebb & Flow). This exotic gem of a park is a 20 minute boat ride from Stavanger city center and is an experience for both eyes and taste buds.

G: Gladmaten (Happy Food Festival). This is the Nordic region’s largest food festival and is one of the highlights of the summer season in Stavanger. Between 19 and 22 July, 250,000 food-lovers will gather in the center for an unparalleled food orgy. Short-traveled food is in focus.

H: Hafrsfjordkaupangen (The Sea fjord trading place). The Viking market with the difficult name is worth a visit on the 16th – 18th of June. Here you can take a step 1000 years back in time and experience sounds, smells and other sensational impressions inspired by the Viking era.

I: International Chamber Music Festival. Indulge in chamber music! 8th – 13th of August, top class musicians gather in Stavanger for a week’s interaction and share their joy with the audience. This year’s festival has many exciting artists and concert experiences to offer.

J: Jærstrendene (the Beaches). At Jæren you will find the longest sandy beaches in Norway, with dunes and a unique flora and fauna. Have a refreshing swim, enjoy wave or board surfing or have a romantic picnic on the beach.

K: Kjerag (Kjerag Bolt). Konserter (Concerts). Kongeparken. Kystbussen (Coastal Bus).

Stavanger Consert Hall

Stavanger Consert Hall. Photo: Marie Kvindesland

Stavanger is rich in K’s – or C’s if you wish. Both concerts and festivals will feature in the city during the summer months both inside the modern concert hall and out. Everything from Justin Bieber to the New England Conservatory’s Youth Philharmonic Orchestra will appear on the city’s scenes. A trip to Kjerag and Kjeragbolten is among the most popular mountain tours in Norway. What is distinctly different is the rock wedged between the mountainsides. Kongeparken, the West Coast’s largest adventure park, is a top attraction in Rogaland – Fun for both young and old. The coastal bus takes you to and from Stavanger. A seat is guaranteed!

L: Lysefjord. It is majestic and beautiful whether you see it from the sea or from the surrounding high mountains. And the fjords never close!

M: Music festival Stavanger. Around 150 concerts – 11 scenes – 1 day – and everything is free. Set aside June 3rd. Do we need to say more?

N: Nordsjørittet (North Sea Ride) is a 91 km long terrain bike ride that runs between the Rogaland towns of Egersund and Sandnes.

Old Town Stavanger

Old Town of Stavanger. Photo: Marie Kvindesland

O: Oil, Old Town. After the oil came to Norway and Stavanger in the 1970s, Stavanger went from being a small, poor canning town to becoming the oil capital in Norway. Take a trip to the Norwegian Oil Museum and learn more about the fascinating story of the precious drops. Stavanger is still a city where more than half the buildings are wooden, the Old Town is definitively worth a visit in its own right.

P: Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). This mountain plateau 604 meters above Lysefjorden is perhaps the most popular landmark in the region – for good reason. If you are extremely scared of height, you should stay away. For you others: enjoy the view and enjoy the sense of vertigo as you look over the edge!

Q: Quiz. Quiz is fun and Stavanger has many pubs offering regular quiz events: Alf & Werner, Arkivet, Cardinal, Folken, Martinique and Ovenpaa.

R: Ranglerock. This is a beer, rock and comedy festival where you will experience Silja Sol, Bob Dog, Death By Young Bunga and Carl Louis this year. Arranged June 30 – July 1st.

S: Ski festival Blink. The summer’s great skiing event in Sandnes, Gjesdal and Lysebotn, where the world’s best bi-athletes and cross-country skiers will compete.

T: Tore Renberg. The author Tore Renberg is back at the Rogaland Theater as a dramatist and director of the show ‘Indianer’ (Red Indian). During the summer the play is performed on the main stage.

U: University and Education. In Stavanger you can easily sharpen the gray matter. The region has 27 schools, 205 studies and 295  vocational studies.

V: Vandring (Hiking). Stavanger and Ryfylke regions offer a variety of marked hiking trails suitable for families, top trips and hikes. Remember to respect nature and know your own limits.

W: Wings for Life World Run. The income from the race goes exclusively to spinal cord research. You run against over 50,000 participants in 35 locations worldwide – at the same time! Stavanger Region is chosen as the only destination
in Norway. This year’s race has already taken place, but you can try again in 2018?

X: Xpress. Okay, really called Renaa Xpress, but the X is a hard letter! One of Stavanger’s best breakfast and lunch places. Lovely ingredients, good selection and good atmosphere.

Fish & Cow Restaurant Stavanger

Fish & Cow Restaurant in Stavanger. Photo: Norway Today Media

Y: Ypperlig (Excellent) service. Stavanger has many cozy restaurants with good service, first class food and delicious atmosphere. Stavanger is after all known as “Food City Stavanger”!

Z: ZZZzzzz. Stavanger has a wide range of accommodations where you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Clarion Hotel Stavanger scores highest among the reviews for TripAdvisor.

Æ: Ærverdig (honorability). Stavanger masters the art of combining the old and the new – while maintaining the honorability of the city. Well done. Reviews from TripAdvisor.

Ø: Øvre Holmegate. Also called the Colour Street. The wooden houses here are painted in turquoise, pink and creamy varieties of green. Here you will find special shops, cafes and art shops – and many beautiful photo motives.

Å: Ålgård track. Try an exciting and fun family activity! Ålgård Railway is open for dresin biking from Figgjo Station Sundays from kl. 11.00 – 17.00 throughout the summer.


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