Bear felled in Stor-Elvdal in Hedmark

Bear shot fellingBear shot in Tynset.Photo: Lars Gangås, Statens naturoppsyn / SCANPIX

Bear felled in Stor-Elvdal in Hedmark

A bear, considered as harmful, was felled in the Municipality of Stor-Elvdal in Hedmark on Wednesday morning.

“The bear was a mid-sized adult male bear of 165 kilos. It was shot at 10.30 AM,” writesr Østlendingen.

The felling team of Stor-Elvdal, led by Tord Strand, moved out to the area after indications that the bear was in the vicinity of Gåla seter (summer pasture).



Effective felling

“Six men pulled out. We immediately started the tracking and released the dog. the dog performed an impressive job. It didn’t take long before it got wind of the bear. It was a very effective felling,” Strand explains.

“The County Governor of Innlandet issued a felling permit on the bear about a week ago. That factually expired on Wednesday but was extended until July 22nd. The permit was granted after it was confirmed that sheep had been killed in the area where the bear was shot,” according to Østlendingen.

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