New record year for deer hunting

deerDeer. Photo:

More and more deer are common in Norway. In the hunting year 2018–2019, a new record was set with over 43,000 deer hunted.

However, the number of moose was reduced.

According to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB), a total of 43,800 deer and 30,600 elk were hunted during the hunting year 2018-2019, which runs from 1 April to 31 March.

The yield from deer hunting increased by 10% from the previous hunting year, while the elk hunting had a decrease in the yield of 3%.

The felling percentage, that is, the proportion of the quota that was felled, was 70% for deer and 77% for elk. The quotas were 62,700 deer and 39,800 elk respectively.

In the last year of hunting, deer was also opened for the first time in Østfold, where 11 animals of the quota of 18 were felled. It is still the western part of the country which is the core area for deer hunting, and in Sogn og Fjordane there were 12,300 animals of a quota of 18,400.

Trøndelag is the largest county for moose hunting, with Hedmark as a clear second. Steinkjer is the largest moose municipality measured in the number of felled moose (900), while Kvinnherad tops the municipal statistics for the number of felled deer, with 1,197 animals.

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