91 gay couples married in church

gay weddingFirst gay wedding in a Norwegian church.Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

In 2017, since the Church  gave approval for gay couples to be married in the Norwegian Church, 91 couples were married.


39 of the marriages were between two men, 52 were between two women.This was shown in the central church registry of ecclesiastical acts, the Church reported.

‘Many had been waiting for a long time to marry both before God, and in the presence of people. In particular, it made sense to hear about people who had lived together since the 80’s, and who had expected to marry because it was important for them for it to happen in church’, said church council leader, Kristin Gunleiksrud Raaum.

83 of the representatives of the church meeting in Copenhagen voted for the resolution on the 30th of January last year.

‘I want to praise everyone who has helped us to live together in the Norwegian Church. We have two theologically justified views, and I feel that we are now able to take the consequences of this. My experience is that the climate for speaking together in the Norwegian Church has improved in the past year,’ said the church council leader.

© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today