Vocational Degrees More Sought After Than Mssters Degrees


According to the NHO’s competence barometer, six out of ten companies express a big need for vocational education professionals. Only one in three requires a master’s degree.


“Most sought after among NHO’s companies are employees with vocational education, especially in the electrical, construction, and industrial fields. We also see that people with a degree in humanities,  such as history and the like, are in relatively low demand.

Students with humanities degrees also spend more time getting trying to get i to jobs that are relevant to their degrees,” says Senior Director of Competence and Innovation in NHO, Rune Foshaug, to Aftenposten.

The figures are from the Business Organization’s General Organization (NHO) competence barometer for 2017.

Researcher, Anne Støren, at the Nordic Institute for Studies of Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) believes that the workforce has as much a need for highly educated as people, as peiole with vocational degrees, however:

“Our graduate studies also show that some masters in the category of Historical-Philosophical Education have a difficult situation as a graduate, and harder than most others,” she said.


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