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Egypt: TV host imprisoned for Sex talk

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TV host sentenced to prison for TV program discussing single mothers in Egypt

In Egypt A court has sentenced a TV host to a three-year prison after bringing up the subject of pregnancy outside of marriage on television, according to a court source.


Doaa Salah was found guilty of having “violated the public sense of decency,” according to an AFP source in Egypt.

The court has also ordered the journalist to post a bail of NOK 4,600 if she wish to stay out of jail pending an appeal.

Salah was indicted after a lawyer reported her to the police for a program she hosted on the commercial television channel An-Nahar in July.

During the feature, Salah talked about the possibility for women becoming single mothers. The host indicated that a woman could marry in order to get pregnant and then file for a divorce. Then she allegedly sked the audience what their thoughts were, and summed up by stating that “everybody rejects the idea (of pregnancy outside marriage), and that everything that happens abroad, cannot happen in our society.

Sex outside marriage is, as we know, taboo in the conservative religious world, Egypt included.


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