Hordaland police put in extra crews to protect Russ

Russen Russ Kongeparken sex videoRuss (Norwegian students celebrating the end of 13 years in school) : Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The police in Hordaland put in extra crews to protect Russ(Norwegian school leavers). The measure comes after information about doping of drug users.


Bergensavisen (BA) newspaper reported that the measure follows a meeting between Russ and the police, and Tuesday’s warning from Russ President, Sebastian Hauan Stenberg.

He said outside men had been looking at this year’s Russ events.These, according to Stenberg, had put drugs in the drinks of female Russ.The statement came after a Russ event at Haukås in Bergen on the night into the 1st of May, where many people needed medical help.

Monica Mørk, head of the West Bergen Police Station, said the police are taking the situation seriously. Therefore, the police have put in extra staff in connection with Wednesday’s Russ events.

“We have now been informed that some Russ have demonstrated behaviour that is incompatible with drinking alcohol. Ambulances have been called, and the Russ have experienced this as shocking,”said Mørk to BA.

Bergens Tidende (BT) newspaper wrote that the police suspect four men in their 20s for the sale of drugs at the Russ assembly on the night into the 1st of May.

The Bergen police have no evidence that Russ were drugged at the party.

“We have no clues to say that the Russ were drugged, but they can at least confirm that they had consumed too much drink. Some were also unconscious,” said police officer, Endre Gorm Laukeland to BT newspaper.


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