Glory and Honour to Norway’s first cheddar

Cheddar cheese jevnakerOlav Lie-Nielsen with his Specialty-marked Cheddar. Photo: Maren Nordtorp Larsen / Matmerk

Glory and Honour to Norway’s first cheddar

I find that all your assistants; from key people such as Kjetil, Mads, Hege down to all the “little people” show a love for a wonderful workplace and a concept far above the ordinary, says Lars Magnussen in the Jevnaker municipality as he awards ‘The specialty brand’ to Olav Lie-Nilsen at Thorbjørnrud hotel for their Cheddar.


The cheese factory at Thorbjørnrud Hotel in Jevnaker was solemnly opened on August 24. During the opening they were also awarded a diploma showing that their Cheddar is among the best local cheeses in Norway.

– We have worked the last seven years to produce perfect milk for the cheese factory. Getting the Specialty brand award for our cheddar is very satisfying, says a proud and satisfied hotel leader, Olav Lie-Nilsen

. – It’s nice being recognized for hard work. We feel that getting the Specialty brand for our product gives added credibility and we want to incorporate the brand into our marketing from now on.

Thorbjørnrud Hotel produces not only cheddar but also a number of other products, all based on own raw materials. The cheese factory is situated in the hotel’s old swimming pool, and is based on milk from the farm’s own cows.

Through the needle eye

-We have waited for this for a long time, the professional jury members stated when they evaluated the cheddar from Thorbjørnsrud. This is top quality cheddar with a fresh, sourly and somewhat floral flavour.

The specialty brand is an information brand for Norwegian-produced food and drink, based on the best local ingredients, Distinctive local recipes and made by proud professionals. Which foods and drinks that pass through the eye of the needle is determined by an independent professional jury, who sniff, tastes and smells their way through the products that want to be branded. The jury considers quality and taste thoroughly before they assign the Specialty Brand award. The head honcho is farmer and former leader of the Liberals, Lars Sponheim.


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