Grande gives NOK 287 million to regional cultural buildings

Liberals Government National ConventionMinister of Culture and Equality Trine Skei Grande (Liberal Party) and Leader of The Liberal Party. Photo:

Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande (V) gives NOK 287 million for ten new regional cultural buildings.

The largest sum is given to the Opera house in Kristiansund and the Stiftelsen Nordmøre museum, together they receive NOK 150 million. 15 of these millions will be in 2020, writes Aftenposten.

“We think it is important to build the whole country as a cultural nation. If we manage to spread power regionally, then it is also good for culture nationally,” says Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande (V).

A total allocation of NOK 290 million is given in the state budget, which will be distributed to a total of 28 national cultural buildings. Ten of these are brand new projects.

These ten cultural buildings alone will receive NOK 287 million, with 50 million being spent in the 2020 budget.

An additional NOK 768.3 million is given to complete projects that have already received state aid commitments.

The government also provides NOK 22 million for securing and disseminating buildings over the historic heavy water basement in the Hydrogen factory at Vemork. Ten of these are given by the Ministry of Culture, the last 11 being granted by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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