Hammerfest Church

Hammerfest Church.Photo: visithammerfest.net

The Protestant Church of Hammerfest was built by architect Hans Magnus from Oslo, who among other things also designed the northernmost church in the world on Spitsbergen. It was consecrated in 1961. The triangle served as a leitmotif for the Church, both as a symbol of the Holy Trinity and also as a reference to the traditional fish drying racks, which are still used to produce the stockfish.

The wall behind the altar is a mosaic image, which was completely composed of Norwegian stones and completed in 1972. The small windows on the sides show symbols of the Christian faith. The glass mosaic on the back wall was created by Jardar Lunde. The ceiling’s wood paneling is reminiscent of an upturned boat.Read more about Hammerfest Church

Source: visithammerfest.net / Norway Today