Imam: – Muslim children should not go to birthday party

Picture of buildingThe Mosque in Posebyen
Imam Abdul Kadir Mohamed Yusuf in Kristiansand believes that Muslims should not congratulate someone on their birthday, go to a birthday party or say “Merry Christmas.”
– My opinion is that the birthday is not a part of our religion. This applies to both children and adults, says imam Abdi Kadir Mahamed Yussuf (49) to the local newspaper Fædrelandsvennen.
Yussuf is the supreme leader of the mosque at Posebyen in Kristiansand, which is the largest Muslim congregation in southern Norway.
– We Muslims have our religion. If it says in the Koran or Hadith that birthdays are ok, we say ok.We say don’t do it. Therefore, we do not say “do not go to birthday.” We’re not saying “you make mistakes and it is forbidden.” But we say “you should not do it,” said Yussuf.
It’s also not a part of the religion to wish people “Happy Christmas,” according to the imam. He does not care whether other imams agree with him or not.
– What I care about is whether it is in religion or not. I do not greet women, but if another imam does, it does not mean that he is not a Muslim. He just has a different interpretation.
He emphasizes that what he says is his own opinion and not necessarily the official views of the mosque.
The Imam also makes abundantly clear  what he thinks about the extremist organization IS.
– If the youngsters support IS, they are wrong. A hundred percent.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today

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