Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson on the set of the “Bad” short film with New York City police officers in 1987. Photo: michaeljackson.com

Michael Jackson, the troubled King of Pop

Michael Jackson was one of the most charismatic persons of the 21st century. The pop icon is not only popular among pop music lovers, but many are interested in Michael Jackson due to human interest or his unique dance moves. Follow this article to find interesting information about Michael Jackson, aka ” the King of Pop”.

Childhood, adolescence and early manhood

Michael Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958. His birthplace was in Indiana, USA. He had 4 sisters and 4 brothers. Michael was the seventh child. At the age of 5, he began singing with the support of his father. One year later, he began acting as a singer and dancer in his family’s group. From the age of 8, he became the prime singer and dancer. The band changed its name to Jackson’s five. At the age of 10, Michael began to perform in various cities in the United States. In 1968, Motown Music Company signed the Jacksons. The following year, four of the band’s tracks reached No. 1 on Billboard. Michael, at the age of 14, embarked on his solo career, as well as collaborating with the band. After impressive successes in 1975, the Jackson’s signed on with CBS Inc.

Change of Contract and Vegetarianism

Michael became a vegetarian as he entered puberty. He also started to show dissatisfaction with his face. At the age of twenty – with a reputation as a musician – starred in The Wiz musical movie (1978). The film sales were bad, and it flopped. At the age of 20, Michael’s nose broke in a complex dance routine. The ensuing nasal surgery was not successful and breathing problems forced him under the knife again one year later.

First major success

In 1979, the fifth album by Michael Jackson was exceptional. With 7 million copies sold in the first year, it was the bestselling album by a black artist for 3 years. The album’s sales reached 20 million in 2012. Michael Jackson sold more than 25 million copies in the first year with the release of the Thriller album, which is now part of American popular culture. Michal was then 24 years old. In 1983, Michael, along with his brother, became a Special Agent for Motown 25.

Moonwalk Dance Adventure

He performed the so-called Moonwalk, for the first time, after three years of training, The Moonwalk became Jackson’s artistic legacy.

From zinged hair to charity

 In 1984, he made a promotional film for Pepsi Cola. His hair was badly zinged, and he suffered second- and third-degree burns caused by pyro effects. Pepsi paid USD 1.5 million in damages, which Michael donated to a burn-injury centre. This was later named after him.

At the age of 24, President Ronald Reagan invited Michael to the White House to award him a prize for his charitable contributions.

Skin Disease and the Cause for Makeup

Since 1985, Michael was infected with Vitiligo skin disease. This disease changes the hue of the hue from black to white and skin coloured maculae. Jackson, for this reason, used make-up to cover his facial and hand stains.

The Moonwalk biography

In 1988, at the age of 30, Michael published his biography, Moonwalk. He also won the Academy Award for Moon Walker the same year. Jackson founded the World Charity Foundation in 1992 when he was 34 years old. He sponsored the charity of destitute children in different parts of the world.

In 1992, he donated a total of USD 100 million in revenues to the charity.

Sexual Abuse of Children

In 1993, a boy named Jordon Chandler and his father Dr Ivan Chandler reported Jackson for sexual abuse. The police talked to all the staff of his Neverland farm and the children who came there. Jackson himself was interrogated and examined by physicians. However, none of the charges brought against him was proved.

Marriage & Divorce

Michael Jackson first married to Maria Lisa, 27, a singer and songwriter on May 26th, 1994, at the age of 37. Their marriage ended two years later, in 1996.

Michael married for the second time, in October 1996, with his nurse during his World Tour in Sydney, Australia. Six months later, their first child was born, a son named Joseph. Their second child, named Paris, was born in 1998. The couple separated in 1999.



Last concert

Jackson announced in March 2009, after 12 years, that a final round of concerts titled ‘at this end’ would be held in London.

18 days before the first concert was due, he died at his home in Los Angeles. All the tickets sold were refunded.

Later, a clip was released concerning a conversation with his doctor. In that, Michael states that he wished to fund the world’s largest children’s hospital from the proceeds from the concerts. Forensics, after the autopsy, announced that no drugs or intoxicants were found in Michael’s body. Two months later, it was officially announced that Michael Jackson had been murdered. The cause of his death was an injection of medication by an unqualified person. His doctor was, subsequently, sentenced to four years imprisonment for manslaughter.

When Google fell out due to ‘Michael Jackson’

The release of Michael Jackson’s cause of death triggered a “meltdown” of the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper’s website crashed due to the influx of readers. The Google search engine was, likewise, useless for half an hour due to users searching for “Michael Jackson”. Twitter and Wikipedia were also disrupted for hours.

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