Moldejazz 2019


Moldejazz 15-20 July 2019 – Moldejazz is the second oldest jazzfestival in Europe, as well as the most important one in Norway. It was founded in 1961.

The festival is organized every year in July on the 29th week of the year. We have the prestigious status of hosting “The hub festival” for jazz in Norway which collaborate with other festivals in Norway as well as other countries. Moldejazz is a foundation, with a permanent administration that works year round and consists of 5 full time personnel. Annual profit is approximately 372 thousand USD or 30 million kroner. During the 6 hectic days of the festival, approximately 120 concerts are hosted were 500 artists play. We sell approximately 22,000 tickets, and have 600 volunteers works for us and nearly 60,000 people visit Molde during the festival week.

Besides the artists, we take care of a number of business’s in the area related to the festival-sales. These businesses incorporate restaurants, sponsorship work, etc. In addition to the festival, we offer in collaboration with Storyville Jazz Club, a year-round jazz-stage in Molde. In 2012 we moved into the cultural building named Plassen in the center of Molde.

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Source: Moldejazz / Norway Today