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National Museum of Finland returns Sámi cultural heritage

Photo: Nikola Johnny Mirkovic / Unsplash

The Finnish National Museum has returned its Sámi collection to a Sámi museum in the Finnish region of Lapland.

Around 2,200 objects that made up the collection have been returned to the Sámi museum Siida in the municipality of Enare, which borders Norwegian towns Kautokeino, Karasjok, and Sør-Varanger.

“We know that these objects and their return are of great importance to the Sámi community. This is a cultural celebration for all of us,” said Finland’s Minister of Culture and Science, Antti Kurvinen.

In connection with the restoration of cultural heritage, there will be a separate exhibition at the National Museum of Finland in collaboration with the Sámi Museum and representatives from the Sámi community in Finland.

Source: ©️ NTB Scanpix / #NorwayTodayTravel

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