Norway can attract several international film productions

international film productionssnowman, Photo: Pixabay

Norway can accept up to four international film productions at the size of the movie ‘The Snowman’ each year, according to a recent report

The knowledge that so many international film productions can be lured to Norway –  the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) brings with them when they try to attract producers during the Cannes film festival. The festival is this year arranged from May 17 to 28,  Klassekampen writes.


The big movie ‘The Snowman’ was recorded in Oslo with Michael Fassbender in the lead last winter. The film was the first production that received support from the government’s new incentive scheme for film. ‘The Snowman’ is a film about the detective Harry Hole, based on a novel by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø.

Last year, the film received almost the entire pot of NOK 45 million. The frame has increased to 56 million this year, but Norway has the capacity to receive more film recordings and should make the pot larger, according to a new report from Olsberg SPI.

It was commissioned by the Norwegian Film Institute and was completed earlier this year, but was recently published by the British consultancy firm.

Can handle four productions

According to the report, Norwegian film industry can handle four productions of the size of ‘The Snowman’ every year.

The scheme makes it attractive to record films and TV shows in Norway, as producers can get a refund of up to 25 percent of the costs they incur during recording.

State Secretary, Bård Folke Fredriksen (Conservatives), in the Ministry of Culture says that the Ministry thinks the incentive scheme has had a very good start.

– But the scheme is still relatively new. We need to further develop the scheme over time based on the experiences we make along the way, he writes in an email to the newspaper.


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