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Norway‘s Constitution day

17 May Constitution day may 17thMay 17 parade in front of the Royal Palace in Oslo. Photo.


Join in on Norway‘s Constitution day

Children’s parades, marching bands, traditional costumes, and ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream and soda. The celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day is a party like no other in the world.


Brazilians have their carnival in Rio the Janeiro, the Irish celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by painting everything green and the French and Russians celebrate with large military displays. Norway’s answer? On May 17th we commemorate the signing of our constitution. That took place on that very date in 1814 at Eidsvoll, north of Oslo.

In Norway, The Norwegian Constitution Day is a huge event, mainly for and by the children, as there are no military parades or such nonsense (dancing in the streets is allowed). Read more about Norway‘s National day


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