Only women can decide on signs and slogans for the International Women’s Day Parade in Oslo

March 8th celebration at Youngstorget in Oslo on Sunday. Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

Only those who identify as women can have a say in the various slogans written on banners and signs during the International Women’s Day Parade in Oslo on March 8.

Clearer focus on women’s issue reason for voting change

Only those people who identify as women are eligible to vote in a meeting that will decide the slogans written on banners for the International Women’s Day Parade this year. The March 8 Committee normally holds a meeting where slogans are decided by a vote. Changes to the rules this year will see only those people who identify as women (regardless of their assigned sex) being able to vote.

This proposal, championed by Ottar Women’s Group and the Women’s Front, saw an amendment of the articles of association for the March 8 Committee.

Elisabeth Gammelsæter, from the Labor Party’s women’s political network, attributed the change to a need to focus more on women’s issues. “Women’s issues must be at the center. Then we recognize that gender issues and identity have become more complicated over the years, and that more people do not feel comfortable in the gender they were born in. It is important to express solidarity with those who experience this…” she told the newspaper Klassekampen.

The climax of the Oslo festivities of International Women’s Day, on March 8, is a parade that finishes at Youngstorget.

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