Free concert at Haugenstua in Oslo

Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra HaugenstuaOslo Philarmonic Orchestra perform mostly at Oslo Concert House, but make detours here, there and everywhere. Photo:

Free concert with the Oslo Philharmonic at Haugenstua

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra will conduct its first of a total of three outdoor concerts during its 100th anniversary on Thursday, August 8th at 7 pm. Haugenstua Housing Association is the first stop. The programme features a varied repertoire of music from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Romeo & Juliet and Grieg, Beethoven, to name a few.

The artists Hkeem, No. 4 and Harpreet Bansal performs symphonic versions of their own music during the concert.

Hkeem is a rapper and singer/songwriter. He hails from the Stovner District of Oslo.

No. 4 consists of Emilie Christensen (vocals), Ingeborg Marie Mohn (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Julia Witek (bass, vocals). They perform a new arrangement of the piece «Oslo Tells» (Oslo Forteller).

Violinist Harpreet Bansal is trained in the North Indian classical tradition. She has a Master’s from the Norwegian Academy of Music. Bansal is the first to major in Indian music in Norway.

The Haugenstua Housing Association was founded in 1969. The concert, thus, coincides with its fiftieth anniversary.

“We are very pleased that the Oslo Philharmonic has honoured us with the first of the anniversary concerts. We look forward to this. We hope to see as many as possible with us here,” Chair of the Haugenstua Housing Association, Mariann Munthe, states.

The event starts at 6 pm. It’s free admission for everyone. It will be possible to buy food and drink from various food trucks one hour before the concert starts.

About Haugenstua Housing Association

Haugenstua Housing Association is the third largest housing cooperative in Norway. It is located in the Stovner District of Oslo.

The cooperative consists of 882 apartments. It was completed in 1969. The so-called «The Lamp» at Haugenstua is a work of art, which is awarded as the world’s largest living-room lamp by Guinness’ World of Records. The work of art is made by the brothers Martin and Fredrik Raddum. «The Lamp» was completed in 2011.



About the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

The Oslo Philharmonic is an internationally recognised symphony orchestra with more than 100 musicians. it performs approx. 60-70 concerts in Oslo every year. Mainly at the Oslo Concert Hall, but also at a number of other venues. The orchestra performs music within a broad repertoire, often with internationally renowned soloists and conductors as guests. The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra has 108 permanent musicians attached to it.

Vasily Petrenko is currently the chief conductor. He is under contract with the orchestra until the 2019-20 season.

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