Illegal University Claims from Students

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The University of Stavanger (UiS) illegally collect cash from students.

– You are not allowed to claim user fee’s when a study trip is mandatory.

Students have paid more than NOK 9,000 for study trips within one year, and react to illegal fees.

– The fees have always been there, according to the University Director, who nevertheless will examine the extent within his own ranks.

Obligatory participation to get approval

It was the student newspaper Studvest in Bergen who first publicised the issue. But it is not only in Bergen students must pay illegal fee’s for study trips.

– Students I talk to is distraught over the monies they have to pay to participate in compulsory education, says Sander Egeli Stredet.

Stredet is leader of the student association for sports at the University of Stavanger (UiS). He says many students, especially those in the first year of sport, say they are in doubt whether they are able to pay the sums required by the University.

One of the excursions he points to was a week long hike to the Nesbyen area. The amount charged to the students was NOK 6,000, excluding ski rental, adequate sleeping bags and even a spade at the minimum price of NOK 500.

– These expenses they are required to pay. If they do not participate, the subject will not be approved, says Egeli Stredet.

The University furthermore writes on their own web pages that students must be expect to fork out more than NOK 3,000 related to winter sport activities for the fall semester.

The Universities and Colleges Act states

Ҥ 7-1 Households:
State run universities and colleges can not claim fees from students for obligatory participation in activities leading to a degree or vocational education. The Ministry may in special cases, upon application, authorise exceptions to this provision.”

Illegal practices

In an e-mail to Aftenbladet, Director General of the Ministry of -knowledge, Toril Johansson, that the Ministry assumes that educational institutions follow the provisions laid out concerning fees.

– You can not claim user fees when a study trip is mandatory. If a study is not compulsory, students may have to pay the for the excursion, but then it is required to be an adequate alternative for those who do not want to participate, Johansson writes.


Source: Stavanger Aftenblad / Norway Today