Norway climbs to the top of international student satisfaction

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Scandinavian countries put themselves back on top of the leader board by scoring exceptionally well on international student satisfaction in 2016.

Norway climbs to top of the list and hosts the most satisfied students in Europe, overtaking all other European countries, including Ireland – last year’s winner of the StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards.

With Norway as a winning country scoring a 9.3, followed by Finland in 4th place, Sweden in 7th place and Denmark in 8th position, Scandinavian universities maintain
their reputation of high student satisfaction characterised by offering solid and high-quality education to their students.

The availability of many courses in English accessible for exchange students was considered a very positive aspect within Scandinavian countries. Furthermore, the friendly and helpful fellow students, skilled professors and the diverse landscape were a definite plus for international students.

However, the cold temperatures and the lack of daylight in the winter were considered a negative point of studying in Scandinavian countries.

The StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2016 are based on 15,965 reviews written by international students on our ‘student experience platform’ during the academic year of 2015-2016.

This year, 153 universities all over Europe have qualified for an award. Spain has the largest number of winning universities (27), followed by Germany with 15
winning universities in 2016.

In every country, one university has received an ‘Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award’: Technical University of Denmark, (DTU), Denmark; University of Tampere, Finland; University of Oslo, Norway; Lund University, Sweden. 12 other Scandinavian universities received an ‘Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award’, 8 other Scandinavian universities received a ‘Very Good International Student Satisfaction Award’.


Source: / Norway Today