Six people convicted for having trained dogs for hunting

Lawyer Anders Westeng .Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Four men and two women have been sentenced to severe prison sentences for having trained dogs to hunt and kill other animals, such as cats, badgers and rabbits.


Most of the evidence was provided by the convicted as they filmed and took pictures of the attacks. Økokrim found the material on their phones and computers. They also found evidence in their correspondence to each other about the attacks from 2009 to 2015, according to NRK.
The videos and photos show how several dogs at the same time are used to hunt and attack rabbits and badgers. In the footage, the dogs, a special breed of terrier and bulldog, bit down on the badger and held on for half an hour before the dog owner killed the animal.
“This has been going on for a long time, it is abusive and it shows a total lack of respect for animals the likes of which we have not seen before,” states lawyer Inge Svae-Grotli from Økokrim.
The Kongsberg and Eiker district court sentenced the ringleader to two and a half years in prison for breaching the animal welfare laws, which is the strictest of its kind in Norwegian legal history, according to Svae-Grotli. The ringleader appealed the verdict.
“My client has acknowledged that he has breached a number of animal welfare laws when it comes to dogs and hunting, for which he expected a strict response. However, it is the other part of the verdict which came as a surprise,” said lawyer Anders Westeng.
The hunting took place in Akershus, Buskerud and Østfold, as well as in Switzerland and France.
The principal’s cohabitant was given nine months imprisonment. She does not appeal this verdict. Another cohabiting couple were sentenced to one and a half years, and 90 days in prison respectively. They are both appealing. Another two defendants in the case have been sentenced to 60 and 90 days imprisonment. Both have taken consideration time.


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