Norwegian Municipalities Struggling to Recruit School Rectors

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Increasingly fewer qualified candidates are applying for rector positions in Norwegian schools.


“It may weaken the school system,” according to the Department of Education.

Since 2005, the Department of Education has seen that searches for school rectors jobs are becoming increasingly lesser, and eligible applicants fewer, NRK writes.

“School rectors have experienced that they seem to have very little educational responsibilities because they are set to do cleaning and maintenance tasks instead. We have received feedback from schools rectors that they have had to change the light bulbs and sprinkle the sidewalk, ” says the head of the Education Association Council, Tormod Korpås.

In the municipality of Vindafjord, there were only two people who have applied for the vacant school rector position. Vindafjord has since considered contacting recruitment agencies to reach more possible applicants. Korpås is becoming more and more concerned about this development.

“Even though our schools have a lot of very highly competent teachers, research shows that we would not be able to have good quality schools without proper leadership and professional school management,” says Korpås.


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