Storm reports in Western Norway

Full Storm alerts Rough WeatherStormy weather on the coast. Photo:

The Meteorological Institute warned of a storm on the coast of Western Norway, and a large amount of rain is expected over large parts of southern Norway in the next few days.


It’s a goodbye to the beautiful winter weather, the snow, and the glorious skiing in southern Norway. For large parts of the region, preparations must be made for rain in liquid form’, said the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Yr).

‘Now we are seeing a couple of low pressure zones on the line, which will give heavy winds with heavy rainfall in the west and south. The rain will begin seriously on Tuesday, and continue for several days’, said meteorologist, Magnus Ovhed at the Meteorological Institute.

The wind will come to full strength on the coast of Western Norway on Wednesday, and the storm is expected to hit Bergen in the middle of the day.

For the time being, meteorologists expect that the notice is sufficient.
The strong wind causes the mild weather to provide warm temperatures.
In Bergen and in large parts of the country, it will be approximately five degrees.

‘Eastern Norway will be a little better than Western Norway, and Sørlandet, this week, but some of the low pressures could come over the mountains, and give some fresh southwestern winds, and rain, inland. On the coast, it will also be rainy, otherwise it will mostly be on the minus side, temperature wise’, said Ovhed.

Central Norway and northern Norway will get far better weather, though with strong southeastern winds.


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