Teachers under-report students absence

Anne FinborudAnne Finborud, Photo: Bo Mathisen/Skolenes landsforbund

Teachers under-report students absence

Teachers do not write down students absence to avoid them losing assessment. “Unacceptable,” says Secretary of State Bjørn Haugstad (Conservatives) in the Ministry of Education.

Despite the decline in school absenteeism, many teachers are critical of the absence scheme introduced last year. According to Klassekampen, teachers have on several occasions adjusted the student’s absence to save them from losing their assessment base.

Anne Finborud, leader of the school federations, says she knows about such cases, but she does not know how widespread it is.

– As I have understood, this is especially relevant when the teacher fears that lack of assessment will cause the student to lose motivation for the entire school run and thus fall completely out of school, she says.


Finborud understands those who make that choice, but do not encourage it. She adds that there are often teachers and rectors who agree not to write down absence.

Haugstad says the ministry is not familiar with such a problem, but that this is completely unacceptable.

– Rectors who sabotage parliamentary decision fail to take responsibility, and should be followed up accordingly. It’s not up to everyone to choose to follow the rules you like. Finborud should understand that, he says.


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  1. ‘Under-reporting’ can bias statistics, in a very misleading direction. Norway is ‘top’ in what, exactly? Apart from skiing…

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