Vocational schools in Norway lack necessary equipment

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The Norwegian government wants to strengthen vocational subjects in upper secondary schools, but a new survey shows that many vocational schools lack the necessary equipment.

According to newspaper Aftenposten, 42% of teachers confirmed they lacked the equipment in the survey from the Education Association.

Additionally, 30% of the teachers stated that the pupils lack raw materials, and 28% noted that no systematic maintenance and control of equipment is carried out.

Three out of four teachers said they have enough knowledge to use and provide training with the work equipment the curriculum’s goals require, while 15% stated they don’t have enough knowledge.

This autumn, there are new curricula for all subjects in primary and secondary education. 


In vocational subjects, the goal is to make the subjects more future-oriented.

“It is unacceptable that 42% of the teachers do not have the equipment the curricula require,” Steffen Handal at the Education Association noted.

“The curricula include what the companies expect and what the students should be able to do when they get an apprenticeship. The students must have the opportunity to practice on modern equipment,” he pointed out.

Minister of Education Guri Melby (V) agreed that it is important that students have equipment that is up to date.

“The county municipalities have an independent responsibility for budgeting funds for upper secondary education according to local needs, including equipment,” she said.

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