Entrepreneurial talents to change the world

Entrepreneurial talentsYoung entrepreneur talents want to change the world.Photo:Innovasjon Norge

Young entrepreneurial talents want to change the world

Innovation Norway is arranging an Entrepeneurial gathering at Lillehammer University College for 100 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 from 7 to 10. August.


Eight out of ten candidates responded in a survey that they believe they can create or contribute to innovation that will change the world.

In advance of the gathering, participants responded to a casual survey that illustrates that young entrepreneurs take  the theme of the year seriously indeed.

88 per cent of the survey participants say it is important or very important that the company they start is sustainable and 92 per cent say it is important or very important that the product or solution has a positive impact on society.

The event, called Emax, consists of lectures, workshops and group work where participants develop talent and a base for creating Norway’s next major global company. Emax is largely about participating in a simulator game where participants can lead a real business and must make business decisions along the way. The winning team gets a trip to the start-up city of Toronto.

On the opening day, Innovation Norway’s CEO Anita Krohn Traaseth and HR Director Yvonne Fosser will participate in a conversation with two of the participants. Other speakers are the entrepreneurs Kimberly Larsen from Time to Riot, Julie Bauge, co-founder of FlowMotion, and Janke Nije Jamanca from Jarga Designs.

The press is invited to attend the event by appointment, and we gladly arrange interviews with the participants or representatives from Innovation Norway. Please contact relevant participants from your local area.


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