Norwegian: 170 cancellations in July

Norwegian airline chargesNorwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegian Airlines suffered 6000 delayed flights, and 170 total cancellations in July

Lack of aircraft and pilots lead to a great number of cancellations and delays for Norwegian Airline in July.They had 6000 delays, and 170 cancellations.


‘Of course, we are not happy with either the regularity of flights, or punctuality we experienced in July. Now let’s get down to seeing where it all went wrong this summer.

There were too many long delays and cancellations’, said Communications Manager at Norwegian Airline, Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

The 6000 delays were distributed between Norwegian and a subsidiary. According to FlightStats, Norwegian Air Shuttle offered a total of 9986 flights in July. 27.7% of these were delayed for an average of 45.7 minutes.

Finnair most punctual airline

The Irish subsidiary, Norwegian Air International, had a total of 8742 flights. 35.4% of these were delayed by an average of 49.7 minutes, making them Europe’s third most delayed airline in July.

Norwegian had approximately as many delays as in 2016, which were also approximately of the same duration. They also lacked pilots, reported Dagens Næringsliv. SAS Airline has also had delayed flights this summer. 22.4% of all their 22,603 registered flights were delayed for an average of 38.1 minutes.

On a brighter note for Scandinavia, Finland’s Finnair was the most punctual airline in Europe.


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