A record high have been vaccinated against the flu

HPV VaccineVaccine.Photo: pixabay.com

Never before have so many vaccine doses been ordered. The proportion of vaccinated patients is also high among hospital employees.

A little over 810,000 doses have been ordered for people at increased risk of severe flu disease, as well as for health professionals. In addition, the Public Health Institute (FHI) and other drug wholesalers have sent over 190,000 doses together to the country’s pharmacy, writes Aftenposten.

The number of vaccine doses for the target groups has increased by more than 13 percent compared to the entire previous flu season.

According to FHI, this confirms the trend that an increasing number of target groups are taking the influenza vaccine every year.

Hospital employees are also well protected against this year’s flu. This fall, the proportion of vaccinated among the 20,000 employees at Oslo University Hospital has risen to 80 percent. Last year, 73 percent took the vaccine, in 2016 the proportion was 35 percent.

– “This is a result of systematic work to increase knowledge about and influence the attitudes towards influenza vaccination,” says Ragnhild Raastad, chief of the Department of Infection Prevention, at Oslo University Hospital.

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